What Game is in for Summer Season?

What Game is in for Summer Season?

When most people think of hunting, they think of walking through snow-covered forests or areas with bare trees looking for large game like deer or elk. While the grand prize of landing a deer is a dream kept for fall and winter. Hunting during the summer months has a range of variety to offer hunters that are up for a challenge.

Summertime is not as busy for hunting but can be an excellent time to refine your shooting techniques and expand the tactics you will utilize in the later months. Your hunting gear, techniques, and clothing may have to be changed to adapt to the different weather conditions, but it can increase your knowledge of an area in preparation for the autumn.

Also, you will need to research what type of animal is available to hunt during the summer period. So, what large and small game can you hunt in the summer period?


One of the most popular game to hunt in the summer is the coyote. The amount of coyotes has increased in the last few years, so they make the perfect summer target. Most coyote hunting is completed using a rifle, tripod, or shooting sticks. Also, a predator call would be helpful to lure these animals into range.

You may have to spend a large portion of your time during a hunt looking for these animals, as in the summer, they stay in the same place for longer periods. The best time to hunt coyotes is during dawn or dusk. These times will give you the best opportunity as they tend to lay low throughout the day.

Wild Hog

Wild Hog is another animal that has increased incredibly quickly in numbers. Many people consider them a nuisance as they can cause a lot of property damage. There are permits available to hunt them all throughout the year.

While most hunters use high-powered rifles and tree stands when stalking wild hogs, other people hunt on the ground using AR-15 platforms. Also, areas with a high number of wild hogs may allow hunters to use dogs to assist them. Wild hogs can be hunted at any time using bait to lure them into the perfect shot.


When choosing what to hunt in the summer, a challenging opponent is a squirrel. They are hard to see and fast, making them fun and unpredictable. Like wild hogs, they are also considered vermin, which many people are happy to see the back of. To hunt squirrels, morning is the optimum time as they will return to their homes and nests once the temperature increases throughout the day. You should be positioned and set up your hunting gear before the first light, if possible.

Many hunters find success when hunting squirrels near large oak and hickory trees. Also, tactics like squirrel calls can increase the chances of encountering this spritely game. To pursue these animals, the gun of choice is a .22-calibre rifle.


Antelope is another animal that can be hunted during the summer. Various species of antelope are available depending on where you are based throughout America. If you are hunting in the west, then Pronghorn Antelope may be the animal of choice. The exotic Nilgai Antelope could be within range if you are in Texas.

These antelopes are large animals and can come with horns or without, depending on the species. Hunters usually find these animals by driving around in an off-road vehicle before closing in on them on foot. Hunting antelope is not for the fair of heart as they are skittish. You need to have stealth and an excellent shot. More often than not, you will be aiming from at least 100 yards away.


Wild pigeons can be some of the best meat prepared during the summer season, especially from areas with high agriculture, as they provide a diet mainly of grains. Pigeon hunting is an excellent alternative to goose hunting if you are impatient and cannot wait for early fall.

Most pigeons can be attracted by using decoys, and it is best to hunt them during the day as they fly overhead. As they notice almost everything, having equipment like a camouflage pullover will help you remain undetected.

Most states have no rules or limits on the number of feral pigeons you can hunt. Most farmers would be relieved to reduce the number of pigeons on their property as they can cause significant structural and machinery damage.

Collared Doves

Collared doves originate from the Bahamas but have since spread across the entire country. Due to the high number of doves, there are also very relaxed or, in some cases, no rules on hunting doves.

To hunt doves, the best places are agricultural fields, as doves regularly feed on grains. Doves are an excellent way to practice shooting as they are fast prey and require minimal equipment. The gun of choice to complete a successful hunt is a 20 or 12-gauge shotgun with an open to moderate choke, as most shots will be taken in 35 yards or less.

But hunters must learn the difference between collared and mourning doves, as hunting mourning doves have more stringent rules in place.


Specifically in Florida, there is a severe problem with Burmese pythons, so much so that the state is asking hunters to help with these animals. The dense vegetation in the Everglades is the perfect environment for these snakes to grow and prosper. Some Burmese pythons can grow up to fifteen feet, making them dangerous to the inhabitants of Florida and the Everglades.

But hunting snakes in dense agriculture is not for the faint-hearted. Air guns and captive bolts are primarily used to humanely kills pythons. If your hunt is successful, it is a fantastic trophy to have within your hunting repertoire.

Hunting in the summer can provide you with a wealth of exciting and unusual animals. It will hone your skills and give you a range of new tactics. To learn more about summer hunting and the equipment or knowledge you will need, go to MGS Trade School.


Written by: Ryan Clancy, Engineering HQ

What Game is in for Summer Season?