Student Tuition Protection and Refund Policy – NEW

Modern Gun School (MGS) is confident that the course you have selected will be everything we advertise. To assure you of this, we provide this cancellation and refund policy. A student may cancel the program by notifying the school in any manner; a written request is recommended. Please contact our finance department by phone at 610-871-0031 or by sending an email to

If you cancel within 10 days from the signature date on your Enrollment Agreement, all tuition monies will be refunded. If you cancel after 10 days from the signature date of your Enrollment Agreement, but prior to receipt by the school of your first exam, you are obligated to a registration fee of 20% of the tuition or $200, whichever is less. If you cancel after submitting the first exam, you are obligated to pay the school the registration fee, plus a percentage of tuition as follows:

  • Up to and including 10% of the exams, 10% of the tuition.
  • After submitting more than 10% up to and including 25% of the exams, 25% of the tuition.
  • After submitting more than 25% up to and including 50% of the exams, 50% of the tuition.
  • After submitting more than 50% of the exams, you owe the school the full tuition.

Students who wish to cancel their enrollment with MGS and have a balance due will have their terms payment processed through their existing credit card or e-check account. A reinstatement fee of $75.00 will be required for the reactivation of any enrollment if requested within 180 days from initial cancellation. Refunds are processed within 30 days to the payee of record. No refunds will be issued after 12 months from the signature date.

Sample Refund Calculation

Sample refund for a student enrolled in a 44 Basic Gun Repair Program:

Tuition: $1,999.00

Lessons Completed: 1

Tuition Based on 1 Lesson Completed: $199.90

Registration Fee: $200.00

Total Due to Cancel: $399.90

Total Paid to Date: $1999.00

Total Refund Due to Student: $1599.10

Refund policies and refund amounts may vary by program and/or payment plan chosen upon enrollment.

For a list of optional fees,

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California Student Tuition Recovery Fund.


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