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Zeke Stout, Director of MGS talks with fellow firearm enthusiasts on Youtube & Apple Podcast! If you are interested in discussing MGS on your media platform email

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MGS Trade School is now a proud sponsor of the Military Arms Channel on YouTube. Tim produces outstanding firearms related content. 

About Zeke Stout


Zeke Stout is a certified firearms specialist with IFSA (International Firearms Specialist Academy). Before joining MGS, Zeke served as the Chief Administrative Officer for a large conglomerate of businesses in Nashville, TN, including TBLC Media. Here he honed his marketing and leadership skills and developed his expertise in targeting specific demographics. He took that experience and started some of the most popular podcasts in the firearms industry—Talking Lead and the Projectile Dysfunction radio show/podcast—expanding on his pre-existing gun knowledge. Zeke went on to help build one of the largest online gunsmithing schools in the nation as an Executive Vice President of Product and Positioning. In that role, he was certified as a Higher Education Professional in leadership through the DEAC and became an armorer in several platforms, including the 1911 and Penn arms grenade launcher. Zeke was also the host and gunsmithing subject matter expert for the Discovery channel show Master of Arms.

If you are interested in discussing MGS on your media platform email