Director’s Message

Director’s Message

Congratulations on taking the next step towards becoming a gunsmith. You have made a wise decision! Now that you’re here, I’d like to take a couple minutes to tell you why I think Modern Gun School has one of the finest at-home gun repair programs.

Why Modern Gun School? Our programs are applicable and up-to-date with regard to today’s industry standards. Our time-tested materials have been used to train individuals just like you for over 65 years, serving tens of thousands of students.

At Modern Gun School, we want you to succeed. We begin with the basics and move on to the more advanced techniques. You work on your studies at a pace that suits you, so there is never any pressure. Whether you are an “old hand” at gun repair or a beginner, our unique training materials and access to our remarkable staff will provide the information and support you need to develop your skills as a gunsmith.  Our hands-on projects are second to none, and will prepare you to work on different aspects of firearms repair and customization.

Are we the best at-home study program available? We’ve worked hard to say “yes!” Yet we continue
to work on upgrading and updating our content so that we stay current in this field. Presently, there
are over 100 million gun owners in America with an estimated 320 million guns. The demand for
gunsmiths has never been greater. More importantly, consider doing something you enjoy, something
that will provide income, security and pleasure for the rest of your life.

It’s hard to condense my pride for the program in a couple of paragraphs. Simply stated,
at Modern Gun School, your success is our goal.

Zeke Stout, Director