Basic Gun Repair

MGS’s Basic Gun Repair Course offers fundamental gun repair techniques for you to take your passion to the next level. Designed by industry experts, you will learn how to properly clean, adjust, and fine-tune a variety of firearms. It includes 31 lessons and 4 hands-on bench projects delivered right to your door.


Advanced Gunsmithing Program

MGS’s Advanced Gunsmithing program is designed for those interested in a career in the firearms industry or in opening their own gunsmith business. It is comprised of 65 lessons, and 7 projects, offering a comprehensive education on the firearm’s industry. It covers everything from the basics of gun repair to the business of professional gunsmithing


Advanced Gunsmithing II Program

Our Advanced Gunsmithing II program covers all the bases – you’ll learn the same gunsmithing techniques and practices offered in our Advanced Gunsmithing Program and more!  Select one of three firearm platform builds and go through the construction process. Imagine combining your course knowledge with the knowledge of the inner workings of a firearm through a build project, plus receive an extensive tool kit to help jumpstart your career in the firearms industry.