We are confident that MGS offers the right distance education gunsmithing course for you. In the following FAQ format, we answer key questions, so that you can be certain that MGS will meet or exceed your expectations. If you don’t find the answer to your question here, please feel free to email us at info@mgs.edu or call us at 800-493-4114.


Great question! The answer is, we have no idea. Modern Gun School is both nationally and regionally accredited and has been training gunsmiths since 1946. MGS’s time-tested materials and hands-on projects are designed to develop a proficiency in both the technique and business of gunsmithing.

Modern Gun School requires a High School or General Equivalency Diploma to participate in our programs. It is also necessary that students are 18 years or older.

At Modern Gun School, we offer open enrollment so you can start online the same day you enroll or if you prefer, you can wait until you receive your course materials and the first unit of lessons in the mail.

Simply fill our online enrollment application with the appropriate down payment or call us at 800-493-4114 to enroll over the phone with one of our student service representatives.

MGS tries to accommodate international enrollments. For more information, simply go to our International Training page for more detailed information

Program Overview

Yes. Modern Gun School (MGS) is accredited by the Distance Education Accrediting Commission, Washington D.C., and regionally accredited by the Middle States Commission on Secondary Schools, Philadelphia, PA.

It’s easy! Click on Request Info, fill in the required fields, and download your course catalog. You will receive details on the program, course curriculum, materials, tuition cost and payment options, and more.

No. Both courses assume no prior training or experience, beginning with gun repair basics and progressing to the more advanced techniques. Our coursework is designed to develop skills through mastery of professional techniques in straightforward, carefully planned steps.

Modern Gun School is a traditional correspondence course of study where study materials are shipped to the student, we also provide a student account online where students may access the materials in PDF format and submit exams for instant grading.

While a typical student completes their coursework in 12 months, One of the advantages in taking an MGS course is that you are able to work at your own pace. You have up to two years to complete your studies.

MGS has been in continuous operation for over 70 years, providing a well-designed program that has trained thousands of successful gunsmiths. We believe our record speaks for itself and encourage you to check out our Student Spotlight page.

Modern Gun Schools Advanced Gunsmithing course is comprehensive. The materials are intended to transition a novice or beginner into someone who has the background knowledge and training necessary to handle the vast majority of gun repairs. To see the content covered in the 65 lessons, please click on Advanced Gunsmithing Course and then Outline. This course also includes valuable hands-on projects using several different techniques relative to gun repair, simply click on Advanced Gunsmithing Course, and go to the project tab.

The Basic Gun Repair Course is an introduction to the firearms industry. It’s designed for individuals interested in gun repair, gun maintenance, and gun design. It includes 31 lessons and 4 hands-on bench projects. You will learn how to properly clean, adjust, and fine-tune a variety of firearms.

A workbench and a few tools that aren’t provided with the course. Each course comes in printed format, with binders and tabbed lesson dividers – set up like a library resource. For easy access we suggest that you keep your course materials on or near your workbench where you will need it. Below you will find Material and Supply lists for each course:


While offers will change from time-to-time, the best place to review the materials offered with the course is by clicking on Advanced Gunsmithing and then the Materials tab. Currently, the list includes 2-3” binders, a Glossary, Gunology, Reloading bench plans, Micrometer, Universal Gun Cleaning Kit, Trigger Pull Gauge, Gunsmith Apron, Digital Caliper, Bore-light, Mainspring vise, file set, and the NRA Assembly Two-Volume set. We also include an FFL license guide.

While offers will change from time-to-time, the best place to review the materials offered with the course is by clicking on Basic Gunsmithing and then the Materials tab. Currently, the list includes 2-3” binders, a Glossary, Gunology, Reloading bench plans, Micrometer, Universal Gun Cleaning Kit, Trigger Pull Gauge, and Gunsmith Apron. We also include an FFL license guide.


The cost depends on which course you choose as the tuition varies. We offer a low monthly payment plan as well as a full payment plan for those that can afford to pay for their course upfront. In order to see costs and payment options for the course you’re interested in, click here.

MGS recommends that students do not rush out and buy all kinds of specialized equipment. The majority of gunsmith repairs are accomplished with the use of simple hand tools, many found in your workshop. MGS will supply most of the materials necessary to complete the program, but some projects may require a few additional items to help complete the assignment. Please review the checklist(s) below.



MGS is now VA approved for the Post 9/11 and Montgomery GI Bills. For more information, please visit the Military section of our website or email info@mgs.edu or call us at 800-493-4114.

Student Life

That’s easy! The flexibility and freedom our courses provide allow you to complete lessons at your convenience, at your own pace, and from your own workbench.

Upon completion of the enrollment process, all students will be emailed detailed instructions on how to log in to your student account. If you do not see it in your inbox, check your junk email. And remember to add us to your approved email list to ensure you receive all of our communications.

Upon completion of each study unit, submit your examination in our Online Student Center or if you prefer, use the provided answer sheets to mail the exam to the school for grading. Online exams receive immediate feedback. Students choosing to mail exams will receive a grade report by mail. All projects are graded Pass/Fail and results are mailed out. For grading policies, please see the Academic Info page.

In order to graduate, a student must maintain a 70% average or higher, satisfactorily complete all hands-on projects, and fulfill their financial obligations to the school.

Upon successful completion of all course requirements, the student will be mailed their diploma and an official transcript.

Modern Gun School graduates receive an official transcript with their graduation package. Additional transcripts are also available for a nominal fee. Please contact Student Services with your request.

While MGS does not offer job placement, we do supply a Resources section on our website that provides a plethora of information on the firearm industry.

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