About MGS

About Us

Modern Gun School offers a learning experience on your terms, studying when and where it is convenient for you. With our open enrollment, you can start your gunsmith training right away and achieve your personal and professional goals without delay. Our gunsmith training is delivered in an easy-to-use format. Both our Gun Repair and Gunsmithing courses include an outline and binder with tabs to store, preserve, and keep your lessons in order. In fact, we recommend you leave the binder on your workbench for quick and easy reference.

At Modern Gun School, our dedicated staff, student service center, and master gunsmith deliver a personalized experience for each and every student. We are here to help you through your gunsmithing courses every step of the way. Once you have completed a Modern Gun School course – you will have the competitive edge you need to work in the growing firearm’s industry. Discover an ideal way to balance work, family, and gun repair education using an accredited program through Modern Gun School today.


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Achieved Goals

Modern Gun School Mission

“Modern Gun School’s mission is to provide high-quality distance education using time tested materials and hands-on projects designed to develop a proficiency in both the technique and business of gunsmithing.”

Modern Gun School Goals

The Goals of Modern Gun School are:

  1. to provide quality distance education to students seeking to prepare themselves for a career in gun repair or entry-level position in the gun-repair industry.
  2. to provide feedback from our Master Gunsmith to guarantee that lesson materials are both applicable and up-to-date with regard to today’s industry standards.
  3. to assist students in realizing their goals throughout their program by encouraging ongoing professional development and lifelong learning.

Modern Gun School Objectives

The mission and goals of Modern Gun School are accomplished by successfully achieving the following objectives:

  • to provide high-quality distance education and training to individuals seeking entry-level training, para-professionals seeking continuing education, and adults seeking to enrich their lives.
  • to foster a positive, supportive learning environment that motivates students to learn and accomplish educational goals through providing exceptional student support services.
  • to prepare graduates for an entry-level position in the gun repair field through a curriculum that incorporates practical application of learned skills.
  • to continually revise, update, and/or add new course material when appropriate, offering the most current information and meeting industry standards.
  • to evaluate its mission and measure its institutional effectiveness through the continual monitoring of students’ academic progress, satisfaction, and graduate outcomes.
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