Why Choose Modern Gun School?

Modern Gun School has been meeting the needs of adult learners since 1946. Today, Modern Gun School remains committed to our students with our mission of providing high-quality distance education using time tested materials and hands-on projects designed to develop a proficiency in both the technique and business of gunsmithing. Modern Gun School offers you:

Quality Curriculum

Quality curriculum is the foundation for all of our programs. The Modern Gun School’s faculty and staff continuously review, update, and edit our gunsmith training programs for accuracy and relevancy in the gun repair industry.

Impeccable Reputation

Modern Gun School provides training with the distinction of being one of the first distance learning, commonly referred to as online, gunsmith schools in the country. Our continued success is a result of our students’ eagerness to learn, our quality programs, and the dedicated faculty and staff who support our mission.

Student Services

Modern Gun School’s staff, instructors, development and support members work under the guidance of a skilled administration that has student satisfaction and course quality as its primary goals.

Educational Value

Tuition rates for all Modern Gun programs are reasonably priced and include the materials needed to complete your program. Our online gunsmith training programs prepare you for an entry-level position in one of today’s gun repair industry.


Your tuition includes a myriad of supplemental study and practice materials designed to enrich your curriculum and learning experience. Our Online Student Center allows you to download lessons, take exams online, receive instant grade results, chat with other students, and participate in discussion boards and more!

MGS Graduate Results

98% Recommend to a friend

96% Achieved Goals

93% Student Satisfaction

Our survey results confirm that our graduates are achieving their goals, whether it’s to prepare for new career options, career advancement, or greater job satisfaction.