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September 2022

Student Spotlight

A. Seth Cox 

My leading cause for taking the Advanced Gunsmithing Course was the need to learn more about firearms in order to advance my knowledge in the firearms industry. I am self-employed with my father—we own a small business in Southern Mississippi called “Neith Firearms.” This gave me the perfect front for any gunsmithing or repair work that needed to be done; it was something I could do for our shop in order to attract new and repeating customers. 

The Advanced Gunsmithing Course was an exceptionally helpful set of instruction and course material that has accelerated my knowledge and skills to a professional level in all things firearms and firearm repair. The online tests and the Student Center were well laid-out and easy to understand and navigate, the staff and project managers were polite and helpful to any questions or concerns that I had. 

In conclusion, this was an amazing experience and most certainly provided me with the knowledge and understanding of the firearm and repair industry.

-A. Seth Cox