Academic Policies

Technology Requirements

Students will need to have access to a compatible PC with the following minimum requirements to complete MGS courses:

  • Reliable Internet Connection
  • An Active E-mail Account
  • Speakers/Working Sound System
  • Printer
  • Most recent version of a web browser such as Firefox, Google Chrome, or Microsoft Internet Explorer

Program Schedules

Students are permitted up to two years from their official start date to complete their program, but can not complete in less than 6-months time. If additional time is needed a 6-month extension may be granted if requested in writing, or by email. Our distance learning programs allow students to learn gun repair at their own pace, when and where it suits them.

Advanced Gunsmithing Course: offers a comprehensive understanding of the firearms industry—from manufacturing to everyday gun owner operations. Ideal for those interested in pursuing a career in gunsmithing. This diploma course prepares students to troubleshoot, maintain, adjust, diagnose, and repair a wide variety of firearms.

Basic Gun Repair Course: designed to introduce students to the concepts and skills needed for those interested in the maintenance and care of firearms. This program offers easy to follow lessons, hands-on projects, and principles that relate to the gunsmithing business.

Academic Progress

Modern Gun School’s learning model allows students to complete coursework at their own pace without specific deadlines for each individual lesson. However, if a student has not completed a lesson within a 30 day time frame, the student is contacted by MGS in an effort to motivate the student, or identify any issues the student might be experiencing and provide assistance. MGS continually encourages and motivates students throughout their program to achieve their goal of completion. If a student has not completed all coursework within 30 days of the expiration of their enrollment period, MGS will notify the student of options for extending their program.

Upon entering the program, if a student has difficulty with the first lesson and consequently, the first exam, MGS staff will contact the student to assess the reason for difficulty. If it proves to be an issue of the program content or delivery of instruction being too difficult for the student, MGS will offer assistance to the student to see if the issue can be overcome. If it cannot be resolved, MGS will provide a full refund to the student. If students encounter difficulty later in a program, each case is treated individually with academic dismissal used as a last option. MGS remains committed to the graduation of its students and willingly works with any student expressing a desire to continue and complete their program. Upon meeting graduation requirements, students will be awarded their diploma or certificate.

Exams and Grading

Upon conclusion of each lesson or study unit, student complete and submit exams are in the Online Student Center. Grade Reports provide instant feedback and can be viewed in the Online Student Center. Project results are emailed or mailed to the student.

In order to maintain fairness, consistency, and accuracy, MGS relies on the following:

  • Grading rubrics are used where applicable, to ensure fairness and accuracy
  • The Education Department ensures the course material provided supports the objectives being assessed
  • Online examinations are built on a secure platform and graded automatically
  • Feedback is provided to the student when assignments are graded
  • Students may dispute a grade received by contacting the school

Exam Results: MGS’s Online Student Center delivers examinations to students. A secure username and password is provided to each student and ensures security for both the student and MGS. Because online examinations are automatically graded, students have access to their score immediately.

Project Results: Students are notified of graded project results via mailed or emailed grade reports. Student Services regularly checks student accounts for missing projects and will notify the student via email to encourage project submission.

Students who receive 69% or lower on any exam will be eligible for one retest. Modern Gun School’s policy is that any student who passes a retest may not score higher than 70%, no matter what grade they received on the retest. Students who fail to achieve a minimum passing grade (70%) on a retest will receive the higher grade of the two failed exams and the score will be calculated into the final average. No further retesting is available.

Grading System

The individual examinations are scored on a straight numerical basis. Once a student has completed all of the examinations in a course, the final grade is determined by averaging all the lesson grades together. The equivalent letter grade is determined by the following scale:

Letter Grade Numerical Equivalent
A- Excellent 94-100
B- Good 86-93
C- Satisfactory 78-85
D- Passing 70-77
F- Failing Below 70


Projects are graded on a satisfactory vs. unsatisfactory basis. Students are required to resubmit an unsatisfactory project. Project grades are not calculated into your average; however, satisfactory completion of all projects is required for graduation.

Grading Disputes

A student may contest a grade by contacting the school, preferably via email to If the student does not feel the response and explanation resolves his or her question or complaint, the student may request that the Director of Education review the complaint and make a final decision.


Students who receive 69% or lower on any exam will be eligible for one retest. Modern Gun School’s policy is that any student who passes a retest may not score higher than 70%, no matter what grade they received on the retest. Students who fail to achieve a minimum passing grade (70%) on a retest will receive the higher grade of the two failed exams and the score will be calculated into the final average. No further retesting is available.

Policy on Incomplete Exams and Projects

In order to graduate, students must take all exams and associated projects from their course of study. A student may retain a failed exam grade as part of their academic record as long as the student’s overall average remains 70% or higher. Failed projects must be resubmitted until the student achieves passing performance. Student accounts are screened on a weekly basis to identify missing grades or projects. Those students missing grades or projects are contacted by mail or email in order to encourage completion of their studies.

Course Interruption

If you need a temporary leave of absence from the program, a request should be made in writing to Modern Gun School. One three-month leave of absence regarding your study will be granted for good cause. A leave of absence does not extend the required time for completion.

Student Identity Verification

The student identity verification policy enables MGS to verify that the student who registers in a course or program is the same student who participates in and completes the course or program. All students are assigned an individual Student Identification Number (ID) and secure login credential at the time of enrollment. These assigned identifiers are used to access the MGS Online Student Center.

Students who have forgotten their password or request to change their password must contact Student Services. The Student Services representative will ask the student to confirm identifying information before updating the password.

Appropriate use of technology is the student’s responsibility. Students should take precautionary measures to keep login credentials secure and make arrangements to change password credentials periodically or in the event a breach is suspected.

Academic Integrity

Modern Gun School maintains a Student Code of Conduct to protect the rights of students, faculty, staff, and Modern Gun School itself. Modern Gun School students are required to adhere to the following policies in their academic and personal conduct.

Students must:

  • be respectful and courteous to fellow students, faculty, and staff.
  • accept responsibility for their own actions.
  • adhere to all policies that appear in Modern Gun School catalogs, student handbooks, study materials, website and enrollment agreements.
  • never misrepresent the school or its staff in any online social communities.
  • follow all rules on submitting work and taking examinations.
  • not use others work, or present another individuals ideas as their own.
  • not seek, receive, or give unauthorized help on assignments, quizzes, or examinations.

Academic Honesty

Each student doing their own work is the basis of independent study. Since students study at their own pace and schedule their own exams, there should never be any undue pressure when taking an exam. Modern Gun School does encourage students to be fully prepared prior to taking any exam. The use of any notes or program materials is allowed since each exam is open-book. The objective is to learn and understand the materials you are studying. Any student suspected of academic dishonesty will be suspended from the program. There are many different forms of academic dishonesty. The following kinds of honesty violations and their definitions are intended to serve as examples of unacceptable academic conduct.

Cheating: Any inappropriate activity in which the work submitted to the school does not represent the work of the enrolled student. This would include submission of someone else’s work, submission of answers obtained through inappropriate measures, or providing answers to another student.

Plagiarism: Using another person’s ideas or finished work as your own without giving credit to the source. It includes copying or paraphrasing something and using it as if you had done the work yourself.

Fabrication: Falsifying or inventing information and presenting it as legitimate; misrepresenting oneself or one’s status, potentially damaging Modern Gun School’s reputation or any of the members of its academic community.

Facilitating Academic Dishonesty: Assisting another student in an act that violates the standards of academic honesty; providing information, material, or assistance to another person knowing that it may be used in violation of academic honesty policies; providing false information in connection in any academic honesty inquiry.

Student Code of Conduct Violation

The Student Code of Conduct applies to all Modern Gun School students. Failure to comply will automatically be referred to the Education Director for review and recommendations. If any student is found to have engaged in academic dishonesty in any form – including but not limited to cheating, plagiarizing and fabricating – that student will be dismissed from Modern Gun School. There will be no exceptions.

Complaint Resolution

If a student has a question or problem, please contact the Modern Gun School Student Services staff. If your problem is not resolved, you may direct your complaint in writing to the Director who will respond within 10 business days. Concerns that have not been satisfactorily resolved by the MGS staff may be directed to: Private Business and Trade Schools, Delaware Department of Education, 35 Commerce Way, Suite 1, Dover, DE 19904, Phone: 302-857-3313 or the Distance Education Accrediting Commission, 1101 17th St. NW, Suite 808, Washington D.C., 20036, Phone: 202-234-5100.