We make it easy for you to learn from home, along with hands-on projects you’ll receive both printed and online access to your coursework. Our Basic Gun Repair consists of 31 lessons (405 clock hours). Our learning model is self-paced, open enrollment, allowing you up to 2 years to complete your program.

Program Outcomes

  • Explain the essential rules of safety and effective gunsmith handling
  • Identify the basic components of a gunsmith’s workshop
  • Understand the provenance and special features of significant firearms throughout history.
  • Demonstrate an understanding of current gun laws, past legislation, and licensing conditions
  • Learn the fundamentals of starting a business, from bookkeeping to opening a storefront
  • Identify guns based on parts, and make customized modifications efficiently and effectively
  • Correctly price your services as a firearms repairer and gunsmith
  • Reconstruct and modify gun barrels based on make and model
  • Explain why common firearms malfunctions occur and how to repair them
  • Assemble and disassemble over 30 different principal firearms
  • Build a custom work bench
  • Differentiate between useful and unnecessary tools and materials
  • Bluing, jeweling, and checkering to develop your gunsmithing expertise

Program Overview

MGS’s Basic Gun Repair Course offers fundamental gun repair techniques for you to take your passion to the next level. Designed by industry experts, you will learn how to properly clean, adjust, and fine-tune a variety of firearms. It includes 31 lessons and 4 hands-on bench projects delivered right to your door.

Basic Gunsmithing Certificate, Basic Gunsmithing Certificate
Basic Gunsmithing Certificate


Hands-On Projects

Delivered right to your door


PLUS! Receive both Federal Firearms License & Class 3 (SOT) FFL License Guides


Finishing Kit
10 Piece File Set
Reloading DVD

The objective of this project is to acquaint the student with the basic materials, tools and procedures required to achieve production quality finish on hardwood gunstock

Project 1

Our program is self-paced meaning you can complete these projects whenever works

for you! Projects are released based on units completed.

1 – Stock Finishing – Unit 4
2 – Precision Filing – Unit 5
3 – Silver Soldering – Unit 6
4 – Hand Tool Fabrication – Unit 9

4 Projects Total


Our Advanced Courses are VA Approved

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Basic Gunsmithing Certificate

"I would recommend this school to anyone who is looking to get in the gun repair career field or just for a hobby."

“I would like to thank everyone at Modern Gun Repair for the course material and feedback during the course. I enjoyed the material and the experience in taking the Basic gun repair course. It has helped me further my position in my career. I would recommend this school to anyone who is looking to get in the gun repair career field or just for a hobby. This course is very helpful in bettering your knowledge of guns and how to get started in your diagnostics in repairing them successfully and safely. As for me, I’ve been employed at Nosler Bullets Inc. for the last 6 1/2 years.” Continue Reading >

Training Gunsmiths since 1946

Basic Gunsmithing Certificate

Harry “Skip” Walters III

Master Gunsmith/Instructor

A graduate of the Pennsylvania Gunsmith School, Skip has worked as an Engineer, Technician, Model-maker, and Gunsmith for over 30 years. In addition to his role at Modern Gun School, Skip works as a gunsmith for Sarco, Inc., one of the world’s largest suppliers of gun parts, kits and accessories.

With his extensive education and real-world experience, Skip provides MGS students with unique insights into what it takes to be a successful gunsmith. Have a question about your course work or the firearm’s industry? Skip’s expertise and experience in the firearm’s industry is an invaluable resource.

Zeke Stout


Zeke Stout is a certified firearms specialist with IFSA (International Firearms Specialist Academy). He has served as an executive at a large conglomerate of businesses in Nashville, TN where he honed many aspects of marketing to different demographics. He then started one of the most popular podcasts in the firearms industry, expanding his pre-existing gun knowledge. He then went on to help build one of the largest online gunsmithing schools in the nation as an Executive Vice President. In that role, he was certified as a Higher Education Professional in leadership through the DEAC and became an armorer in several platforms, including the 1911 and Penn arms grenade launcher. He was also the host and gunsmithing subject matter expert for the Discovery channel show Master Of Arms.



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Graduate without debt


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