Join the “Straight to Your Workbench” Community

Join the “Straight to Your Workbench” Community

Education is more than just opening a textbook and glossing over a few terms. There are clear-cut benefits, including establishment of mental health, opportunity for career development, and improvement of practical skills. Education also opens the door to meeting new people. 

When you find your passion, you find your people. Common ground is important in relationships—everyone looks for like-minded people that they can connect with. In this way, education is a great way to expand your opportunities and network. You will meet new people, learn new things, and connect with your community. 

With this in mind, Modern Gun School is committed to developing gunsmithing resources. Our team’s focus in 2023 is to offer engaging and relevant tools to the gunsmithing industry. We supported the launch of a new blog, with articles published weekly. With content revolving around a monthly theme, we want to arm our students with relevant information in the gunsmithing industry. 

These articles will be featured in our updated newsletter, Straight to Your Workbench. Upcoming editions will feature more interactive content, intended to connect and engage. Each month, we highlight our students and their experiences, upcoming MGS developments, our involvement in the media, an “Ask the Gunsmith” segment, and more!

Whether you’re an old hand or new to the gunsmithing industry, you can enhance your journey! To get started, join our Straight to Your Workbench community today! Here you can learn the inside tips and tricks of the industry, prepare for a career change, or become a skilled hobbyist in something you enjoy.