5 Benefits of Gunsmithing Builds

5 Benefits of Gunsmithing Builds

If you are thinking about buying your own gun, think again. While purchasing a gun and using it for legal purposes is a great hobby, building a gun is something that will give you a sense of pride and can be a relaxing escape from life. If you are still deciding what road to take, here are some great reasons to get creative and build a gun of your own.

New Hobby

Gunsmithing is an excellent area to create an exciting and fulfilling hobby. If you have been indecisive about what gun to buy, you have likely spent hours looking at different models. But something that you may have yet to think of is building your own gun rather than buying one.

This method would work best if you are stuck between two or more different types of guns; you could take the attributes you want or need from each gun and apply it to your own build. Handguns are a great place to start if you are new to building guns as they are relatively easy to make, there is a massive amount of information to learn from, and it is highly customizable.

Gunsmithing is a unique hobby—it ignites curiosity and gives the user a sense of accomplishment when they have achieved their goal. There is also an outdoor element to this hobby, as once the gun is built, it has to be tested in the open, whether that is at a shooting range or on a hunt.

Customized to You

By building your own gun, you are creating a gun with the exact specifications you want. When you buy a gun from a registered gun store, most stores only have limited stock with specific specifications. You have to pay for the stock gun in a store, and then pay even more for any customization that occurs after, which could be expensive.

But if you opt to build your own gun from scratch, you do not have to pay for any stock materials, just the materials you want that are customizable to your creation. This option allows you to be creative and build something you could have only dreamed about.

Builds Knowledge

While building your own handgun may be overwhelming at first, as there is a lot to learn and no room for error. By making your gun from scratch, you gain vital knowledge about each part and how they all work together. You can learn how different parts of the gun can be improved and tweaked to get the very best performance out of your firearm. Also, by building your own gun, when it comes to maintaining it, you will have full knowledge of what procedures need to be completed to keep it working optimally.

When starting out, to remove any significant errors, it is worth buying a gun build kit to make the building process much more straightforward. MGS Trade school has many building kits and gunsmithing programs to suit everyone’s needs. They combine knowledge with practical training to give peak results. Once you become proficient with the building process, you can attempt a build on your own.

Building a Collection

If you are a gun enthusiast, it is likely you own more than one gun. Once you have gained a reasonable amount of knowledge, you could produce a collection of guns at a reasonable cost. It will be a lot cheaper than buying a collection of guns from a retail store. The first or second build may cost more than buying a gun, but once you have gained enough knowledge, the cost per build will reduce.

Interchangeable Parts

One of the main benefits of building your own weaponry is that you can change any element whenever you want. Many builders have multiple guns of the same calibre so that they can interchange specific parts whenever they feel like a change. For example, if you want to change the handle of your most used gun, it can be quickly swapped around.

Also, if a part breaks or goes bad, you can quickly change it out because you have interchangeable parts from the various guns you have built of the same caliber and the knowledge from building your gun, to replace it.

Owning a gun that you have built from scratch can be a gratifying process. While in some states, you do not need to register a gun you have created yourself; it is imperative to keep laws in mind at all times.

MGS and Your Gunsmithing Skills

If you are thinking about building a gun or just have an interest in assembly, hopefully this guide will build your confidence to dive into a new project. If you require more information or guidance, MGS trade school has comprehensive gunsmithing courses to help you on your way to become an expert. Whether you are an experienced hobbyist or you are looking for a potential career change, MGS offers affordable courses with hands-on projects and easy-to-read coursework.


By: Ryan Clancy, Engineering HQ

5 Benefits of Gunsmithing Builds