8 Simple Job Hunting Tips to Successfully Land a Career

8 Simple Job Hunting Tips to Successfully Land A Career

The job hunt may feel like a 40-hour work week in itself, but it doesn’t have to. When you get started in this journey, come up with a streamlined process to track down and job hunt in your desired career. Let’s take a look at different ways of looking for a job and how to make that a more enjoyable and efficient process.

Research Prospective Positions

Research the companies of the careers you are interested in pursuing. Make a list of every company available in the gunsmithing industry. You can look locally, or even nationally, for recruiting companies. Once you have made this list, look into the company mission, vision, and expected growth for career alignment.

Find out if working at that company is really something you want to pursue—employee reviews are important!

Customize Your Job Hunting Approach

Tailor your resume for each position. One generic resume used to be enough, but times have changed. Now, you need a resume that shows relevant qualifications. Curate your cover letter to highlight the necessary skills. This will make you come across as genuine, as your application won’t be a “one-size-fits-all” submission. In doing so, you are maximizing your potential connection to the hiring body.

Focus on Organization

You may have limited or abundant time, depending on your work schedule. Regardless of commitment, you need to organize your hob hunt to ensure you are working efficiently. Get a daily planner or notebook to keep track.

Compile email correspondence and update your calendar so an interview doesn’t catch you off guard. Your organization efforts will pay dividends as you prepare for upcoming job opportunities.

Avoid Limitations

Yes, online job hunting is easy and convenient, but it’s equally important to peruse your community. That is why making a list of companies you are interested in is beneficial—you can find highly visible positions, as well as the subtle, local opportunities.

Learn that there is no harm in putting your name out there. Should you not gain employment, be undeterred, as you could be one of the top applicants if another position opens. Even if there is a company that is not currently hiring, ask for contact information and to stay connected with future developments. You never know when a position will open up.

Prepare for Interviews

Preparation includes everything from attire to knowing what to say. Interviews can be uncomfortable, but they are also your chance to shine. 

Practice for your interviews by googling typical interview questions to get you started. Make sure your clothing is ready—waiting until the last minute can cause other issues to arise. Look for a business-casual outfit, and act comfortably. Speak clearly and calmly—you are in the position to succeed, be confident!

Show Appreciation

Regardless of if you receive a position or not, be sure to show appreciation. You may not be the ideal candidate for a certain position, but sending a handwritten thank-you note could bring your resume to the top of the application pool in the future. Businesses do invite former applicants to reapply, so show gratitude for the interview and application process. This will prevent additional job hunt processes in the future, so save some time upfront!

Be sure you have some thank-you notes on hand when starting this process and have them ready to send after your interviews. A template can help expedite this process; remember to customize your writing as you see fit.

Follow-up Often

You sent the thank-you note—now what? You need to follow-up with the hiring manager. Most places will have a timeline for when they want to fill this job. Some will tell you; some will not. There is nothing wrong with checking back after a week or so to find out the status of the job. This lets them know you are interested, and if you have not found a job yet, it could be just what gets your foot in the door. The only certainty in the job hunt is when you hear back, so stay positive and professional in the time that follows an interview.

Keep a Level Head

You might hear “no” more than you wish, but don’t lose hope. Keep trying, researching, and working on your daily job hunt goals and soon, the one you are looking for will find you! Stay positive and exhaust all options. It might take a little time, but finding a position in a career you like is well worth the wait!