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Tools of Gun Control

The object used to commit this crime was not the culprit, but rather a tool.

Skip Walters

gun control, Tools of Gun Control
gun control, Tools of Gun Control

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The recent tragedy in Florida has brought the Gun Control legislators to podiums across the country. They espouse their fear of inanimate objects. There is no doubt the perpetrator of the heinous attack was a deranged individual. The object used to commit this crime was not the culprit, but rather a tool.


Tools do not think, have emotion or conspire. Tools simply exist and are used. The tool used in this crime was a gun. If the tool’s owner is a lunatic, the tool is not to blame. If a driver chooses to use his transportation tool, after drinking, and hurts someone, do we blame the tool? Do we legislate against the tool? No, in fact, the tool’s driver is held accountable. The tool is not responsible, the alcohol is not responsible… the drunk driver is responsible. A 2 1/2 ton vehicle is as dangerous as any other tool when it is under the control of someone with limited mental capacity. Why, then, is there such a double standard when it pertains to firearms?


Will legislators call for a banning or restriction of vehicles because of vehicle related deaths? Will horsepower be limited so the tools cannot move faster than the speed limit? Of course not, as there would be a tremendous public outcry. Even still, driving is a privilege… not a right. There are specific rights that are guaranteed in the US Constitution. Driving is not one of those rights.


The 2nd Amendment affords us the right to “Keep and Bear Arms”. To have firearms is a right, a choice… not a privilege. We can choose to arm ourselves or we can choose not to be armed. We are guaranteed these rights to pursue life, liberty and happiness. If in jeopardy, the tool I choose to protect my life and my family’s lives… is a firearm.


Someone may choose another tool… a baseball bat for defense, a vehicle to flee, a golf club to wield, or a cell phone to dial 911. But, in my case, I usually struck out in baseball, my car is unreliable, I don’t golf… and police usually show up after there is already a victim. I love my family too much to take a chance. I would rather be tried by twelve, than carried by six.


Please, keep this thought in mind when the legislators (who are able to afford their own security forces) tell us that, because of a deranged lunatic, they want to restrict our rights to self-protection, for our own good. In summary, if we allow Gun Control legislation, perhaps we….. are the “tools.”