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Best Value – Pay In Full

$1,999 Total Tuition

When you pay in full you, all of the online units will automatically unlock as you complete the exams in order. All printed lessons are mailed upfront.

Plan B – $89 Monthly Payments

$2,099 Total Tuition

Pay just $99 down and 22 Low Monthly Payments of $89 with a final payment of $42

Plan C – $69 Monthly Payments

$2,199 Total Tuition

Pay just $99 down and 30 Low Monthly Payments of $69 with a final payment of $30

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Receive both Federal Firearms License & Class 3 (SOT) FFL License Guides

AR-15 Lessons - Learn how to operate and clean your AR-15. These items are included in your first lesson

The paperwork & regulations for acquiring a Federal Firearms License can seem overwhelming. The FFL123 Guide takes users from start to finish in the FFL application procedure. Practical advice for the ATF meeting and official interview processes. Help consumers build on new FFL by explaining different types of licenses such as Class 3 or SOT Dealer license.

Lessons on business administration that present how to run a freelance business or open your own shop

Two Volume Set - The Official NRA Guide - Pistols and Revolvers & The Official NRA Guide - Rifles & Shotguns

Tools & Materials

  • Gun Stock
  • 12 Piece File Set
  • Micrometer
  • Universal Gun Cleaning Kit
  • Trigger Pull
  • India Stone
  • Digital Caliper
  • Bore Light
  • Mainspring Vise
  • Birchwood Casey Tru-Oil Finish
  • Reloading Bench Plans
  • MGS Branded Gunsmithing Apron

Hands-On Projects

1 – Stock Finishing

2 – Precision Filing

3 – Silver Soldering

4 – Hand Tool Fabrication

5 – Stone Polishing

6 – Bluing Preparation

7 – Micromeasurement

Supplies for Projects

  • Round Metal Stock
  • Common Steel
  • Emery Cloth
  • Acid Core Solder
  • Steel Rod
  • Flat Metal Stock
  • Rifle Barrel Piece
  • Assorted Shim Stocks
  • Simulated Rifle Barrel Piece

65 Lessons & Guides

  • 65 Comprehensive, Clearly Illustrated Lessons
  • FFL123Kit – Federal Firearms License Guide & Class 3 (SOT) License Guide
  • 2 MGS Binders & Tabs
  • MGS Glossary of Gunsmithing Terms
  • Exploded Gun Diagrams
  • Two Volume Set of Official NRA Guides to Firearms Assembly
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Over $300 worth of tools and supplies included!

⋅ No Deadlines for any course exams or projects

⋅ Hands-On Projects Included

⋅ VA Certifying Representatives available on site to help you

⋅ Instructor Posts, Feedback and Guidance

⋅ Project Video Instruction

⋅ FFL Kit Included

⋅ Over $300 of Tools and Materials Included

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