What Character Qualities Are Required for Gunsmiths?

What Character Qualities Are Required for Gunsmiths?

When I was younger and just starting to learn about firearms, my father and I were members of the local community of gunsmiths. I would go with him every weekend to learn how to use, clean and fire a gun properly and safely. During one of my first hunting seasons, I had trouble shooting my gun, and my father was nowhere to help me. Fortunately for me, due to the open community of gunsmiths and hunters we were lucky to have around us, another senior member of our community stepped in to teach me all about cleaning the action and how important it is. From then on, I felt I could always go to any group member with any problem I had, whether gun-related or not. Also, cleaning the action on a firearm is one of the first things I taught my partner when she was on her own gunsmithing journey.

Gunsmithing is a gratifying and social hobby. Learning a new skill and even building your own gun can give you a sense of pride. It also can be a relaxing escape from the busy, modern lives that we all have. Some people love and appreciate this craft so much that they have turned it into a career.

Being a gunsmith involves being in a family-style club, where not only can you enjoy solitude in making your own firearm, but you can learn through other individuals to perfect your craft and also pass that information or become a mentor to the younger generation. Entering the world of gunsmithing has numerous positive attributes that some people do not even consider.

Who Would Become A Gunsmith?

Gunsmiths are predominantly men, but more and more females are becoming interested in this craft. Additionally, there are other ethnicities that are becoming increasingly involved in shooting firearms and hunting. This representation is important, as it helps different populations connect with the firearms industry, be it for recreational or safety enforcement.

People who are involved in gunsmithing as an excellent hobby or rewarding career are usually investigative individuals. They are quite inquisitive and curious. Processes like building your firearm require patience, hard work and sometimes a little bit of imagination to perfect it. While gunsmiths enjoy spending time alone with their thoughts, they also flourish in a group setting.

In many ways, gunsmithing has a community feeling, whether embarking on the season’s first hunt in a large group or putting on family cook-outs so families can bond and get to know one another.

Gunsmith as a Role Model

As long as you act responsibly and prioritize safety, there are no issues with gunsmithing as a hobby for any adult.

Many gunsmiths are incredible role models. During hunting season or within shooting ranges, gunsmiths of varying ages work together to practice, perfect their craft and share the wealth of knowledge they have learned through the years. While you have the older generation imparting their wisdom, sometimes the younger generation is the role model as they show off the newest technology and accessories for firearms.

There are many advantages to having a hobby like gunsmithing as it shows that you have dedication, patience and skill to practice and keep practicing until you see an improvement in your skillset, whether that is big or small.

Gunsmithing and the Community

In some areas, gunsmiths are pillars of the community, not only helping other gunsmiths reach their potential but they help in community events, raising money for charity and bringing a community together in a range of different family days out and activities.

In this modern world where everyone is so busy and being friends with neighbors has taken a backseat, having people like this who still work in the community is very important as it shows that basic human kindness for your neighbors still exists.

Why Gunsmithing as a Career?

Many gunsmiths are enterprising individuals. They are natural leaders whom many people gravitate to and are comfortable with. They can shower people with their wealth of information and influence people into great decisions, like a mentor or friend.

Most people who enter gunsmithing as a career are incredibly happy with their decision, from many surveys, especially when compared to other high-powered jobs. Like other careers, gunsmithing is a calling and people who run their stores or workshops have a great interest in and love for the craft. They can be a wealth of information, and most will be as helpful as they can to not only get you the correct firearm or gun accessory but guide you in any way possible.

When you turn your hobby, which you have a genuine interest in, into a career, the satisfaction that you receive from this career will be high. This shows when someone comes into your store for a product or service. People who are naturally enthusiastic about something such as gunsmithing will naturally draw other people’s interest.

Gunsmithing is a rewarding career or hobby, not just because you learn an excellent craft and skills that you can transfer into other aspects of your life but because you meet a great community of people that take you in and treat you like family, which is something that exists less and less in our modern world.

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Written by: Ryan Clancy, Engineering HQ

What Character Qualities Are Required for Gunsmiths?