The Advanced Gunsmithing Course is our most popular training program. It covers everything from the basics of gun repair to the business of professional gunsmithing. The Advanced Gunsmithing course is comprised 65 Lessons, and 7 projects, offering a comprehensive education on the entire firearm’s industry.

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Includes: 7- Hands-on Projects
FFL123 Kit*
AR15 Lesson & Gun Digest AR15 - Gun Cleaning Lesson
$200+ Worth of Merchandise
*(received after completion of Unit 9)
**(received upon course completion)
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The Advanced Gunsmithing course is comprised 65 Lessons, and 7 projects, offering a comprehensive education on the entire firearm’s industry.

[column width=”1/4″]Unit 1
[mark color=”#98002d”]Introduction[/mark]

  • Course introduction
  • Glossary of Gunsmithing Terms

[column width=”1/4″]
[mark color=”#98002d”]LESSON 1[/mark]

  • Gunology
  • Where and How to Begin
  • 38 Smith & Wesson Chief Special

[/column][column width=”1/4″]
[mark color=”#98002d”]LESSON 2[/mark]

  • Safety- First, Last and Always
  • .45 Colt M-1911

[/column][column width=”1/4″]
[mark color=”#98002d”]LESSON 3[/mark]

  • Beginning Your First Project
  • .38 Smith & Wesson Military & Police
  • Gun Laws & Gun Repairmen


[column width=”1/4″]Unit 2
[mark color=”#98002d”]LESSON 4[/mark]

  • Completing Your First Project
  • Ruger Bearcat
  • Sources of Supply

[column width=”1/4″]
[mark color=”#98002d”]LESSON 5[/mark]

  • Basics of Stock Finishing & Refinishing
  • Ruger Automatic
  • Your Workshop

[/column][column width=”1/4″]
[mark color=”#98002d”]LESSON 6[/mark]

  • How to Get Professional Stock Finishing Results
  • Charter Revolver
  • Bookkeeping-Legal and Financial

[/column][column width=”1/4″]

[column width=”1/4″]Unit 3
[mark color=”#98002d”]LESSON 7[/mark]

  • Fitting Custom Recoil Pads
  • Colt Single Action Revolver
  • Buying & Selling Firearms

[column width=”1/4″]
[mark color=”#98002d”]LESSON 8[/mark]

  • Butt Plates, Swivels and Pads
  • Hi-Standard Sentinel Revolver
  • Gun Laws & Legislation

[/column][column width=”1/4″]
[mark color=”#98002d”]LESSON 9[/mark]

  • Checkering Fundamentals
  • Daisy Air Rifle
  • Your Federal Firearms Records

[/column][column width=”1/4″]

[column width=”1/4″]Unit 4
[mark color=”#98002d”]LESSON 10[/mark]

  • Checkering Extras and Carving
  • Crosman 760
  • Public Relations and Advertising

[column width=”1/4″]
[mark color=”#98002d”]LESSON 11[/mark]

  • Setting Up Your Own Shop
  • Remington M-550
  • Firearm Service Records

[/column][column width=”1/4″]
[mark color=”#98002d”]LESSON 12[/mark]

  • Setting Up Your Workbench
  • Remington M-572
  • Gunpowder and Ballistics
  • Project 1 – Stock finishing

[/column][column width=”1/4″]

[column width=”1/4″]Unit 5
[mark color=”#98002d”]LESSON 13[/mark]

  • Your Guide to Hand Tools
  • Remington Nylon 66
  • History and Development

[column width=”1/4″]
[mark color=”#98002d”]LESSON 14[/mark]

  • Your Guide to Measuring Tools
  • Remington M-514
  • National Rifle Association

[/column][column width=”1/4″]
[mark color=”#98002d”]LESSON 15[/mark]

  • How to Choose the Right Power Tools
  • Marlin M-39A
  • Beretta M-92F

[/column][column width=”1/4″]
[mark color=”#98002d”]LESSON 16[/mark]

  • More About Power Tools & Their Use
  • Remington M-580-581-582
  • Building Your Library
  • Project 2 – Precision filing


[column width=”1/4″]Unit 6
[mark color=”#98002d”]LESSON 17[/mark]

  • How to Choose Your Lathe
  • Savage M-88
  • How to Read Precision Instruments

[column width=”1/4″]
[mark color=”#98002d”]LESSON 18[/mark]

  • How to Use (Adjust) Your Lathe
  • Savage M-24 Combination
  • Sights: Repair and Installation

[/column][column width=”1/4″]
[mark color=”#98002d”]LESSON 19[/mark]

  • Step-by-Step Soldering
  • Winchester M-290/200 Series
  • Telescope Sight Mounting
  • Project 3 – Silver soldering

[/column][column width=”1/4″]

[column width=”1/4″]Unit 7
[mark color=”#98002d”]LESSON 20[/mark]

  • Step-by-Step Welding
  • Marlin M-49 and 99 Series
  • Butt Stock Alterations, Recoil Pads and Refinishing Stocks

[column width=”1/4″]
[mark color=”#98002d”]LESSON 21[/mark]

  • All About Sights
  • Winchester M-94
  • Bluing Equipment, Tools, Polishing, Cleaning and Failures

[/column][column width=”1/4″]
[mark color=”#98002d”]LESSON 22[/mark]

  • Sights and Scopes
  • Savage M-99
  • Advising Your Customers on Selecting Shotguns, Rifles & Handguns

[/column][column width=”1/4″]
[mark color=”#98002d”]LESSON 23[/mark]

  • Keep It Clean – A Most Important Lesson
  • Remington M-700
  • Introduction to Hand Loading


[column width=”1/4″]Unit 8
[mark color=”#98002d”]LESSON 24[/mark]

  • Cleaning Supplies, Equipment and Lubricants
  • Remington M-740-742
  • Pricing Your Service Work

[column width=”1/4″]
[mark color=”#98002d”]LESSON 25[/mark]

  • Basic Repair Methods Pt 1
  • Remington M-760
  • Actions

[/column][column width=”1/4″]
[mark color=”#98002d”]LESSON 26[/mark]

  • Basic Repair Methods Pt 2
  • Remington M-788
  • Blowups and Cartridge Nomenclature

[/column][column width=”1/4″]
[mark color=”#98002d”]LESSON 27[/mark]

  • Basic Barrel Repair
  • Browning Hi-power
  • SAAMI; Unsafe Arms and Ammo Combinations


[column width=”1/4″]Unit 9
[mark color=”#98002d”]LESSON 28[/mark]

  • Barrel Rebuilding
  • Winchester M-88
  • Glock 17

[column width=”1/4″]
[mark color=”#98002d”]LESSON 29[/mark]

  • Learn Antique Restoration
  • Marlin M-336
  • Public Relations

[/column][column width=”1/4″]
[mark color=”#98002d”]LESSON 30[/mark]

  • Antique Restoration in Depth
  • Mauser M-98
  • Table of Measurements

[/column][column width=”1/4″]
[mark color=”#98002d”]LESSON 31[/mark]

  • The Fine Art of Polishing and Jeweling
  • Ithica M-37
  • Luger Pistol
  • Project 4 – Hand Tool Fabrication


[column width=”1/4″]Unit 10
[mark color=”#98002d”]LESSON 32[/mark]

  • The Fine Art of Polishing and Jeweling Part 2
  • Remington M-11
  • Winchester M-61

[column width=”1/4″]
[mark color=”#98002d”]LESSON 33[/mark]

  • Learn Custom Finishing and Plating
  • Winchester M-12
  • Winchester M-62A

[/column][column width=”1/4″]
[mark color=”#98002d”]LESSON 34[/mark]

  • All About Bluing
  • Remington M-1100
  • J.C. Higgins M-30

[/column][column width=”1/4″]
[mark color=”#98002d”]LESSON 35[/mark]

  • Choosing Inletted Stock
  • Remington M-870
  • Remington M-141
  • Project 5 – Stone polishing
  • Project 6 – Bluing preparation


[column width=”1/4″]Unit 11
[mark color=”#98002d”]LESSON 36[/mark]

  • Fitting and Shaping the Inletted Stock
  • Winchester M-1400
  • Remington M-8 and 81

[column width=”1/4″]
[mark color=”#98002d”]LESSON 37[/mark]

  • Customizing
  • Winchester M-1200
  • Winchester M-05-07 and 10

[/column][column width=”1/4″]
[mark color=”#98002d”]LESSON 38[/mark]

  • Customizing and Sporterizing
  • Stevens M-311
  • Remington M-721-722

[/column][column width=”1/4″]
[mark color=”#98002d”]LESSON 39[/mark]

  • Accessorizing
  • Mossberg M-500
  • Remington M-31


[column width=”1/4″]Unit 12
[mark color=”#98002d”]LESSON 40[/mark]

  • Full or Part Time
  • Stevens M-94
  • Winchester M-97

[column width=”1/4″]
[mark color=”#98002d”]LESSON 41[/mark]

  • Business Administration

[/column][column width=”1/4″]
[mark color=”#98002d”]LESSON 42[/mark]

  • Headspacing

[/column][column width=”1/4″]
[mark color=”#98002d”]LESSON 43[/mark]

  • Shotgun Chambers
  • Project 7 Micromeasurement


[column width=”1/4″]Unit 13
[mark color=”#98002d”]LESSON 44[/mark]

  • Shotgun Bores, Chokes, and Ribs

[column width=”1/4″]
[mark color=”#98002d”]LESSON 45[/mark]

  • Parker Double-Barrel Shotgun

[/column][column width=”1/4″]
[mark color=”#98002d”]LESSON 46[/mark]

  • Savage Model 24 Combination

[/column][column width=”1/4″]
[mark color=”#98002d”]LESSON 47[/mark]

  • Installing Rifle Barrels


[column width=”1/4″]Unit 14
[mark color=”#98002d”]LESSON 48[/mark]

  • Installing Shotgun, Handgun, and Rifle Barrels

[column width=”1/4″]
[mark color=”#98002d”]LESSON 49[/mark]

  • Ruger #1 Single Shot Rifle
  • Ruger .44 Magnum Carbine

[/column][column width=”1/4″]
[mark color=”#98002d”]LESSON 50[/mark]

  • Ruger #3 Single Shot Carbine
  • Winchester Model 55

[/column][column width=”1/4″]
[mark color=”#98002d”]LESSON 51[/mark]

  • Private Brand Names and Serial Numbers


[column width=”1/5″]Unit 15
[mark color=”#98002d”]LESSON 52[/mark]

  • Tricks of the Trade

[column width=”1/5″]
[mark color=”#98002d”]LESSON 53[/mark]

  • Servicing and Building Muzzle Loaders

[/column][column width=”1/5″]
[mark color=”#98002d”]LESSON 54[/mark]

  • Accurizing the Colt .45 Automatic

[/column][column width=”1/5″]
[mark color=”#98002d”]LESSON 55[/mark]

  • U.S. M-1 Carbine
  • Ruger M-10/22 Carbine
  • Winchester M-100

[/column][column width=”1/5″]
[mark color=”#98002d”]LESSON 56[/mark]

  • Noble Shotguns


[column width=”1/5″]Unit 16
[mark color=”#98002d”]LESSON 57[/mark]

  • Crosman M-130 Pistol
  • Crosman M-140 Rifle

[column width=”1/5″]
[mark color=”#98002d”]LESSON 58[/mark]

  • Remington Pocket Pistol Model 51
  • Browning Model 1922 Pistol

[/column][column width=”1/5″]
[mark color=”#98002d”]LESSON 59[/mark]

  • Savage M-110 Rifle (CF)

[/column][column width=”1/5″]
[mark color=”#98002d”]LESSON 60[/mark]

  • Remington M-11/48

[/column][column width=”1/5″]
[mark color=”#98002d”]LESSON 61[/mark]

  • Browning.22 LR Semi-Auto Rifle (RF)


[column width=”1/4″]Unit 17
[mark color=”#98002d”]LESSON 62[/mark]

  • Remington 552 Semi-Auto Rifles, (RF)

[column width=”1/4″]
[mark color=”#98002d”]LESSON 63[/mark]

  • Beretta Semi-Auto Shotgun

[/column][column width=”1/4″]
[mark color=”#98002d”]LESSON 64[/mark]

  • Springfield M-1903 Rifle

[/column][column width=”1/4″]
[mark color=”#98002d”]LESSON 65[/mark]

  • Colt Frame Models “E” and “I” Revolver
  • Colt Double Action Revolver
  • Colt Official Police Revolver
  • Colt Double Action New Army and New Navy Revolvers