, MyCAA Getting Started GuideModern Gun participates with the Military Spouse Career Advancement Accounts Program (MyCAA) provides military spouses with an incredible opportunity to pursue licenses, certificates, and certifications necessary for gainful employment in high-demand, high-growth portable career fields.

Get started and use the benefits you’ve earned with Modern Gun by following these simple steps:

1. Verify MyCAA Eligibility
Visit the MyCAA website to set up a personal profile and complete the DEERS eligibility check to confirm your MyCAA eligibility.

2. Create Your Career and Training Plan
Login to create your Career and Training Plan. When selecting a school – search and choose Modern Gun School and enter the full name of the program you have selected.

3. Upload Your Education Plan
Upload an education plan. Contact Modern Gun at info@moderngunrepair.com to request your education plan document. Once your Career and Training Plan is accepted, you can apply for FA (Financial Assistance)

4. Apply for Financial Assistance
When applying for FA the school name, course code, titles of courses, start/end dates, and course costs must be correct or else you may be rejected. Please refer to the education plan for details. Requests for FA must be submitted prior to the start date of your chosen course.

5. Contact Modern Gun School
Once your FA is approved, enroll online and choose MyCAA as your payment option. Your enrollment will be processed after Modern Gun receives notice from MyCAA that your FA is approved.