History of Modern Gun School

For more than seventy years, Modern Gun School has successfully educated over 60,000 students using time-tested projects and materials. As one of the oldest, distinguished distance learning gunsmithing schools, Modern Gun School continues to offer quality courses for today’s gun enthusiasts. Founded in 1946 in Marshfield, Wisconsin by Mr. Frank Bauer and Mr. Neil Nolt, with the assistance of Ralph T. Walker Arms Co, Selma, AL, Modern Gun School has developed into a nationwide distance learning gunsmith program with proven techniques and a wealth of insider know-how.

Over the past few years, Modern Gun School has undergone some significant changes that reflect the school’s commitment to providing quality content about the gun industry, including continuous review and revisions of lesson content. Overseen by a master gunsmith with decades of experience, these revisions, in conjunction with an updated website, monthly Gunsmith’s Corner, and supplementary course materials, ensure that study materials remain relevant. Along with being shipped to your home, Modern Gun School now makes its courses available online, supplying all study guide materials in a convenient digital format. Students can study on their own time, at their own pace, and from their own workbench.