3 Ways Gunsmiths Can Signify Memorial Day

3 Ways Gunsmiths Can Signify Memorial Day

Memorial Day is a special day for many people throughout the country. It commemorates and pays tribute to our fallen heroes who have died during military service to the people of this great nation. People choose to celebrate this important day in many ways, the most popular being having a party or a BBQ and celebrating with our nearest and dearest. However, as gunsmiths, we hold a specific set of skills that not many people possess, and we have an opportunity to pay tribute to these service members in a unique way.

1. Crafting Memorial Firearms

As a gunsmith, you are an expert in the inner workings of many different types of guns and firearms. As tribute to the people who have lost their lives, you can personalize and craft a custom memorial firearm. This firearm could include historical pieces from significant years in the military or have personal engravements of a specific military personnel or service sector such as the Coast Guard or Army. This could be donated to be used in the different Memorial Day weekend celebrations or added to a collection in a local museum or barracks.

2. Restoring Military Relics

If you are not up to creating a memorial firearm from scratch, you could also restore military relics for your local platoon or barrack. These relics could include old military guns, bullets, medals, or plaques. Gunsmiths who are experts in restoration as some parts for older models of firearms may not be produced anymore, so you would have to make these pieces yourself. Restoring military relics will give you a sense of pride because not only are you bringing back a piece of history that was lost or broken, but you are also increasing your skill set and restorative talent.

3. Ceremonial Firearm Displays

If you have made the commitment to craft your very own memorial firearm or have restored a historical one from the past, it might be a fun idea to use this firearm in one of the many ceremonial displays throughout the country. Every local barrack will have organized its own tribute to its members this weekend, and many of these tributes will involve a gun salute. Such a special and important piece like the one you built or restored would add a sentimental touch to such a wonderful weekend and celebration.

Along with specialized gunsmithing tributes you could undergo for such a momentous occasion where the dedication and sacrifice demonstrated by countless service men and women are recognized, there are several other ways to signify Memorial Day.

Most states throughout the country have national veteran cemeteries where you can visit, lay flowers, and honor the fallen service members in your local area. Many of these cemeteries might have special tributes that occur on Memorial Day, such as a musical tribute from different members of the service sectors within the Military.

If you are up for a road trip, you could visit the biggest war memorial in the country, the World War II Memorial in Washington, D.C. It contains the names of every serviceman and woman who did not return home from this war. Its many fountains and gardens make it a great place to find solace and reflect. If you are not in a position to visit Washington, D.C., the USO created a 360-degree video of this memorial, which you can watch on YouTube.

Along with visiting places where you can listen to and participate in different tributes, you could also participate in a Memorial Day walk or run. Many barracks or local military groups organize these runs to raise funds to help local military families in need or upgrade military infrastructure in the area; either way, the money goes towards a great cause. Also, it is a healthy way for you and your family or friends to spend Memorial Day, before you start your BBQ, of course.

When participating in these tributes, ceremonies, or family fun days, it is important to acknowledge and learn the true meaning behind this day. Also, if you have children or younger family members, teaching them what Memorial Day is truly about is essential. By teaching them about Gold Star families, which are families who have lost a member during the line of duty, and acknowledging this family’s loss and grief, they will begin to understand how grateful people are to these heroes and what they have sacrificed.

By starting this conversation, it might also be fun to investigate your own family history and find out if you have any relatives who served in the armed forces. If you did, you can find out what service sector they were in and where they were based. From there, you may be able to uncover new and exciting information about your relative that was previously unknown.

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Written by: Ryan Clancy, Engineering HQ

3 Ways Gunsmiths Can Signify Memorial Day